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English baby club

We develop children for their successful future and free dialogue without borders. Global child is created for successful future.


The unique combination of knowledge of children's psychology and the English language has allowed realizing this absolutely new to Minsk project– English children's club where even the youngest children have possibility to learn, understand and speak English.

The Program Global Child is developed by the professional teachers having the higher pedagogical education and long-term experience of work with children.

Global Child Concept is based on the belief that the child is infinitely talented, but for disclosing of these talents it is necessary to create conditions at which they can be shown.

Sincere attention, kind faces around, the variety of bright colours and toys, open space and a lot of light – that is the very thing that is necessary for each child for the fulfilment of their daily discoveries with pleasure!


Global Child - член международной образовательной ассоциации ICEF


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